Cosmetic Dentistry



Front tooth root canal and crown with laboratory custom shade match to treat traumatic fracture

Cosmetic upper and lower crowns to replace stained/decayed teeth and improve underbite

Lower cosmetic implant bridge to replace severely decayed and worn front teeth

Upper front tooth implant due to fractured tooth with laboratory custom shade match

Upper front implant and cosmetic crowns due to stained/decayed teeth and missing tooth

Orthodontics, implants and crowns to repair/replace missing and failing teeth due to periodontal disease

Upper cosmetic crowns to repair severely worn and fractured teeth

Upper cosmetic crowns to improve the appearance of small lateral incisors

Upper front root canal, implant and crowns due to front teeth trauma with laboratory custom shade match

Upper and lower front cosmetic crowns to treat stained teeth and spacing

Full upper arch cosmetic crowns to replace old, worn crowns and large, failed fillings

Full upper and lower arch cosmetic crowns due to severly worn teeth and large, failing fillings

Upper front six cosmetic crowns to repair fractured and stained/decayed teeth

Upper front bridge to replace missing lateral incisors and improve cosmetics of the previous dental work

Single front crown with laboratory custom shade match to replace old, stained bonding

Periodontal therapy (laser and bone grafting) and implants to treat severe periodontal disease and replace loose and failing teeth

Upper front Maryland bridge to replace missing lateral incisor with laboratory custom shade match

Upper front six cosmetic veneers to improve color and shape

Implant, custom abutment and cosmetic crown to replace fractured front tooth

Crown lengthening and two cosmetic veneers to improve appearance of small/short lateral incisors

Upper front cosmetic crowns and one implant to replace old, decayed veneers and a fractured tooth

Upper and lower cosmetic crowns replacing old failing crowns with exposed metal collars

Bonding on four front teeth to correct undesired spacing and narrow teeth

Upper and lower cosmetic crowns to correct decayed and worn teeth

Upper front cosmetic crowns to replace old unaesthetic crown and to improve appearance of stained/worn front teeth

Upper six front cosmetic crowns due to decalcification/staining after braces

Cosmetic bridge replacing failed bridge and missing tooth

Canines substituted for missing lateral incisors using orthodontics, followed by cosmetic crowns with laboratory custom shade match

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