General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentist Fallston

Cosmetic Dentistry refers to any dental treatment performed to improve the appearance of an individual’s teeth, gums, and/or bite. The primary goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve dental esthetics through changes in color, shape, size, position, and contour.

Whereas many dentists refer to themselves as cosmetic dentists, they do not necessarily have the training and experience that the team at Bel Air Dental Care does. Our doctors have extensive post-graduate training in most cosmetic procedures; having completed thousands of cosmetic cases since our practice’s inception in 1985. We document all cases with detailed photography and utilize a state-of-the-art local dental laboratory; even though it costs us more money.

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures performed at Bel Air Dental Care:

  1. Composite Bonding
  2. Ceramic Veneers with custom shade matching
  3. Ceramic Crowns with custom shade matching
  4. Esthetic Crown Lengthening (Gum height correction surgery)
  5. Bleaching (custom and prescription strength)
  6. Implant placement and restoration
  7. Dentures
  8. Dental Bridges
  9. Orthodontics (evaluated at Bel Air Dental Care, but referred for treatment)

If you are interested in cosmetic dental work, please contact our office at (410) 879-8424 for a free consultation or visit our before and after section of the website for examples of our personal cases.