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Bonding is a procedure in which tooth-colored materials are applied to the surface of a tooth. Bonding covers discolorations, repairs chips, breaks, and cracks, and fills in gaps. Bonding is a virtually painless procedure that is usually completed in one visit. Periodically, bonding may have to be recoated or replaced.

The bonding process involves etching the tooth surface with a conditioning solution that allows the bonding material, made of composite resins, to adhere. To match your own teeth, various color bond resins are carefully blended so the bonded tooth will look completely natural. After application, the bond resin is contoured into the proper shape and hardened using a special light or chemical process. The bond is then smoothed and polished to appear natural.

Bel Air Dental Care’s doctors have extensive training and experience in cosmetic, composite bonding. Our team uses the best and latest restorative materials. We carry an extensive inventory of different composite brands and custom tooth shades to ensure our bonded fillings have the best durability, color, and contour. Whether you require/desire a bonded restoration to address decay or unsightly spaces between your teeth, you can rely on the Bel Air Dental Care team!