Dentist Fallston

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” that are custom-made to fit over your natural tooth. Crowns are tooth-colored and very esthetic, and will restore the shape, strength and appearance of your tooth. When cemented in place, crowns fully cover the visible portion of your tooth that lies above the gumline.

When is a Crown Recommended?

A crown is recommended in a number of situations in order to restore the function and appearance of a tooth. Teeth with very large fillings and/or cavities, cracked or broken teeth, or teeth that have had a root canal often require crowns. A crown will restore a damaged tooth and improve the durability, chewing function and cosmetic appearance of your tooth and protect it from further damage.

Why Choose Bel Air Dental Care for Your Crowns?

Our doctors at Bel Air Dental Care are highly trained and complete over a thousand crowns each year. We will take the time to explain every aspect of your treatment, including diagnosis, the reason a crown is recommended, and each step of the crown procedure. Most crowns are completed within two appointments. We use the most durable and cosmetic materials available to fabricate crowns, including zirconia and/or porcelain. We welcome you to schedule an appointment at Bel Air Dental Care and have one of our doctors examine your teeth and assess your need for crowns.