Porcelain Veneers

Dentist Fallston

If you have healthy teeth and gums, but you’re not satisfied with the way your smile looks, ask us about veneers.

Veneers can help brighten front teeth that have permanent stains or discoloration that can’t be whitened. Veneers may be used to correct small gaps between the front teeth, or to fix teeth that are poorly shaped or slightly crooked. Veneers can be used to cover teeth that are chipped, worn or eroded at the gum line from aggressive brushing.

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells that we affix to the teeth in a simple, comfortable procedure that requires just a few appointments. Veneers usually are placed without the need for an anesthetic, are made from composite resins, acrylic material or porcelain. We will help you choose which material is best for you based on durability, stain resistance and a natural look.

The Bel Air Dental Care doctors have extensive training and experience in executing cosmetic veneer cases. We utilize the latest advances in technology when planning and delivering beautiful, long-lasting veneers to our patients. Our staff uses photography to show patients before and after smiles before the case even begins; we even design the veneers on models of the patient’s teeth for them to take home. Custom shade matching and use of the latest ceramic materials are performed on every cosmetic veneer case. If you are interested in changing the discoloration, fractures, or gaps in your smile, please contact our office for a no charge consultation.


  1. We will help you pick the best veneer color to match/blend with your natural tooth color
  2. We will remove a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of the teeth
  3. We make an impression of the prepared teeth, which is turned into a model
  4. The model is sent to a dental laboratory where the veneer shells are made
  5. During your next visit, we’ll attach the veneer with dental cement and harden it in place with a special high-intensity lamp


Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are needed to keep your teeth healthy. We recommend that you avoid foods and beverages such as: tea, coffee, red wine and other heavily pigmented foods. In addition, we recommend you avoid tobacco, which can also discolor your veneers.

Veneers may chip or peel. Avoid biting your fingernails and chewing on hard objects, such as pencils or ice. It is possible, over time, for veneers to dislodge. In that case, new veneers will be needed.